Chavecito en Paris? Incroyable!

Zut alors, que c’est beau…

Chavecito gives a press conference on the streets of strike-bound Paris. When a fan calls out to him, he hollers back and tells her she looks “like Joan of Arc!” He lets them know the latest from the FARC peace talks in Colombia, where he’s still looking for a compromise and peaceful hand-over of prisoners and hostages; it’s a big issue to the French right now, as one of their nationals, Ingrid Betancourt, is still missing in Colombia. The local contingent of “Hands Off Venezuela” is also there to show support. At one point, the crowd starts singing the “Internationale” in his honor.

He also takes time to chat with a fan from the US, and tells her that he is no enemy of their people. (Well, WE know that, but the US media is very slow on the uptake. Especially about all the good CITGO is doing for low-income Americans. No other oil company has stepped up to the plate!) Chavecito makes it clear that he is on the side of all peoples, regardless of the insanity of their governments.

And no, I can’t find any “gotta go” bit on here anywhere; I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it were all just made up. The closest thing I could find was a part about midway through where he says he’s going to take a short rest at the hotel. At the end, we hear the voice of Piedad Cordoba, the Colombian senator who is also a key fixture in the FARC talks, answering reporters’ questions about the peace talks Chavez and the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, are about to embark on.

What have the lamestream media got against peace talks, I wonder?

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