Festive Left Friday Blogging: Evo, Evo everywhere…

A little birdie tells me that there are a LOT of yummy Evo-pix out there this week…

Evo with a birdie. Which one is cuter?

And is it any wonder? Evo’s been a busy boy. Places to be, things to see, honors to receive…LOTS of honors.

That's Dr. Evo to you, sucka...

Ahem…that’s Doctor Juan Evo Morales Ayma to you, now. He may not have made it to university (even his high schooling was interrupted), and the Nobel Peace Prize committee may have snubbed him this time ’round, but thanks to the University of Santo Domingo, he’s now a doctor of humanities honoris causa. That’s what I call making up for lost time!

And oh lord, what he does for those academic robes…

Evo, looking all magisterial (and sexy)

He sure knows how to work that magisterial look.

And speaking of looks he knows how to work, how about this one, which he wore in style-conscious Italy on a recent trip:

Evo in a garland and spiffy indigenous look

And who’s got the better tailor: Evo, or Italian PM Romano Prodi?

Evo with Romano Prodi

Check the hang of the suit jackets. Ciao bello.

BTW, I just realized I forgot to note that Evo recently celebrated his 48th birthday, on October 25. Figures he’s a Scorpio–that would explain why such a quiet, unassuming guy would be able to take back his country’s natural gas industry without a single shot fired, kick the CIA out of the presidential palace, and keep several other campaign promises all within a year of taking office. That takes serious spiritual power and self-control. And Scorps have it in spades. (If you don’t believe me, watch this YouTube. He shows admirable control right up until the end, and when asked a bad question, zing!–out comes that Scorpion tail stinger. But even this reaction is strongly controlled!)

His people gave him a big bash, of course:

Evo's birthday party

Oh, and here’s a nice present, slightly belated: An Associated Press story about him that actually doesn’t suck. With a picture that doesn’t suck either.

Feliz compleaños, Evito.

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