Noam Chomsky can’t give soundbite for shit

Or so they say everytime they refuse to give him airtime.

“They”, of course, being the lamestream media. Even PBS and NPR (supposedly the long-haired intellectuals of the US broadcasterati) are constantly begging off because, supposedly, Chomsky hasn’t got “concision” (translation: soundbite-ability).

There’s only one problem with that excuse: It’s bullshit.

As you can see (in little more than three minutes!), Chomsky can so give good soundbite. The only problem with his soundbites is that they say things the lamestream media types don’t want us to hear. They’re not for the faint of heart (or feeble of mind.) If you’re hard of thinking, they will force you to think hard.

Go on. Read Chomsky. Hear him talk. Get addicted. What have you got to lose but your phony comfort zone?

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1 Response to Noam Chomsky can’t give soundbite for shit

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Great montage Bina. Greenfield appears as the mind-numbed corporate stoodge that he plays in real life.
    Chomsky comes across as authentic and credible.
    There is a reason that Chomsky will be viewed as one of the most insightful and honest thinkers in our time. I have never seen anyone ever best him in a debate on crucial issues. No one. And those that attack Chomksy generally play their hand as being loons, or bought-off punks for corporate oligarchy.
    (If Chomsky and Bina mated, this offspring would be one bad mofo–oligarchy wouldn’t have a chance. 😉
    Hey, on a further note: Bertrand Russell, one of Chomsky’s mentors, was politically radical until his ninties. Hopefully Chomsky will contribute even more before he dies, we need it.
    Time will tell, also, that Chomsky has been an occasional advisor to the Venezuelan governemnt, helping ‘frame message’ in the face of imperialist pressure.

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