Cuba has DEMOCRACY? Seriously???

And BushCo wasn’t consulted on this?

Yowza. That won’t make the Miami Mafiosi very happy.

Newly-elected municipal assemblies will convene across Cuba in two weeks as the communist-run island’s multitiered-election process advances without word on the future of an ailing Fidel Castro.

In an order published Thursday on the front page of the state newspaper Granma, Cuba’s top executive body decreed that the 15,236 municipal assembly members elected on Oct. 21 and in two subsequent runoff votes will meet for the first time Nov. 16. The order was signed by Castro’s brother and acting president, Raul.

Assembly members will later start choosing candidates for parliamentary elections due sometime next spring.

It is unclear whether Fidel Castro, 81, will be healthy enough to run for parliament — where he must hold a seat to remain head of government. Even if he retains his seat, legislators could decide to replace him with his brother as head of the Council of State.

What? Someone in Cuba can actually vote out El Maximo Leader? He’s not an absolute dictator after all? WTF kind of half-assed dictatorship is that? Cuba, for shame!

And they dare to talk back to The World’s #1 Exporter of Democracy, which is probably responsible for these gimcracky little bracelets–exported to further the cause of capitalism democracy? LOL!

Oh, and here’s another OMG about Cuba: Once again, their evil, wicked hurricane preparedness program is working, while that model democracy (and child-sex-tourism hotspot for ), the Dominican Republic, is…ummmm…not doin’ so good.

And let’s not forget the most undemocratic part of all Cuba: the non-Cuban-run gulag that is Gitmo, where inconvenient free speech gets a lot more than just temporary detention over a crappy little rubber wristband.

Yeah, let’s talk about regime change. OMG, WTF, LOL.

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