Piedad Cordoba receives death threats; France offers protection

No good deed goes unpunished in Alvaro Uribe’s Colombia, it seems.

The government of France offered protection to Colombian opposition senator Piedad Cordoba after she received death threats for leading a move for rapprochement with FARC guerrillas and a release of prisoners.

According to sources cited by Caracol Radio, the threats against Cordoba “worsened” after the Colombian government suspended on Wednesday the peace talks Cordoba led, along with president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, between the FARC and the Colombian government.

The sources indicated that French officials made phone calls to the parliamentarian, and offered her protection, and added that the senator asked for a meeting with Chavez, and will be travelling to Caracas to talk with him.

Translation mine.

She is, incidentally, also under investigation for “treason”!

Meanwhile, Uribe has taken to some very rude name-calling:

No wonder Chavecito decided to put Uribe in the deep-freeze. What a jackass that little man is!

And Chavecito is so right when he says Colombia deserves a better president. I know just who I’d cast in the role, too:

Piedad Cordoba--future president of Colombia

UPDATE: France is now denying that it offered Cordoba asylum. (Note that the original wording was “protection”, which could mean just about anything.) Nicolas Sarkozy is still desperate for proof that Ingrid Betancourt is alive. Another Colombian senator, Gustavo Petro, is trying hard to mend fences. And Cordoba feels that she and Chavez have been made the butt of an evil joke, which it might just be; it has all the smells of a major farce.

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