Sunsara Taylor owns Laura Ingraham’s ass

Give Sunsara credit, she never backs down. And she brings out the ugly bitch who is never far below the surface of one carefully bleached mediablonde:

BTW, get how the students cheer when the World Can’t Wait protestors interrupted Tortureboy Gonzales. I bet that’s more applause than Bush’s Little Tejano ever got in all his slimy career. And FUX could not edit that out! I bet that was especially galling.

As for “good news out of Iraq”, Sunsara missed a golden opportunity to get a good laugh at Ms. Dark Roots’ expense. I’d have said something like “Yeah, I hear Blackwater’s making a killing there–literally!” But she did stick to her guns, which is not easy to do with a barking mad harpy like Ingraham trying to ridicule her (and failing miserably.)

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