Uppity update

According to Aporrea, Chavecito gave Iris Varela a comrade’s shout-out during his Yes campaign trip.

Plus, there’s more background on the bitch-slapping of Gustavo Azocar:

On the morning of Tuesday, the 20th of November, deputy Iris Varela appeared on a TV show hosted by [Azocar] on Televisora de Tachira (TRT), in San Cristobal. The deputy, visibly upset by what Azocar had written, demanded the right to reply in order to refute his version. The journalist refused her that right, and provoked her verbally, whereupon she attacked him.

Gee, that little man is looking less hapless by the minute, and more like just what Iris called him during the incident: a coward. He taunted her knowing exactly what kind of a response it would get, and of course, someone made hay from it all. Guess who…

These events were used by the private media, opposed to Chavez, in order to attack the revolutionary process and deputy Varela, to demonstrate that “Chavistas are attacking the press” before the convenient presence of the Inter-American Press Society (IAPA/SIP) in Venezuela–an organization formed by the owners of various private media outlets of the right in Latin America.

Translations mine.

Remember, remember–the second of December. The media are out in full force trying to discredit what they know will happen that day–a massive popular approval of Chavecito’s and the National Assembly’s constitutional reforms. They are trying to make it look like “there is no freedom of speech in Venezuela”, that the Chavistas are on the attack, and that the Yes vote will be the result of mass intimidation.

The IAPA (Inter-American Press OWNERS’ Association) will take that lie and carry it all over Latin America. Just like they always do.

And of course, the private mainstream media up here will take that ol’ football and run with it, just like they always do.

Meanwhile, in another Aporrea report, there is evidence that watching Venezuelan private TV really does rot your brain.

Have I mentioned yet today how much I hate these media bullies?

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4 Responses to Uppity update

  1. Dan says:

    Wow, what a douche. It must be hard to get the taste of Chavez’s ball-sack out of your mouth!

  2. Bina says:

    Wow, what maturity. Yup, you sure served me up ALL the facts. And no ad-feminam insults or right-wing loonie spin. Amazing!
    Is everybody in Alabama as rhetorically gifted as you?

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Dan, please, make an argument or something. Jeezz, you embarrass your family with such ignorance.
    yeah, Bina, corporate propaganda is not healthy for society. Media concession should be a function of the people, not oligarchs or transnational corps.
    April 11, and the strike propaganda should not be ever allowed possibility again. The private, capitalist media simply cannot poison the mind of the body politic on a daily basis.
    Not if a small nation is to remain relatively free and sovereign.

  4. Bina says:

    Slave, I doubt if Dapper Dan will be back–he’s gonna have trouble getting the taste of soap out of his own mouth if he does. Typical right-wing coward, he shits and runs and expects never to be held accountable–just like that feces-fingerpainter Azocar.
    But if he does search his saggy jockey-shorts and miraculously finds a pair (albeit the size of rabbit raisins), he might just stick around long enough to get himself edjumacated yet. After all, this site is a public service, sort of like Mision Milagro–it’s there to give the blind their eyesight back. Only it’s not financed by any government, and no Cuban doctors will call on you–it’s me who operates, and all I do is rip the ol’ blinders off faster than a Brazilian bikini-waxer.

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