CNN: Have I told you lately that I loathe you?

CNN: What do your initials stand for? Crap, Nutjobs and Nitwits? I mean, just look at the shit you print–and the shit you reprint. Granted, this crappy editorial is bylined to Investor’s Business Daily, which explains a lot. Including the language:

High oil prices do squeeze the poor. But oil companies do not control them. Dictators such as Chavez do. Eighty percent of the world’s oil is held by inefficient state oil companies. Venezuela is one of the worst, producing its oil with scab labor since a 2003 strike, and it has also confiscated at least $1 billion in U.S. oil assets since then. Some industry analysts estimate that Chavez adds as much as a third of the cost to world oil prices. No wonder he wants someone else, like Big Oil, blamed.

What ludicrous conclusions this fool jumps to! Big Oil companies don’t set prices–but Chavez does? Where do they get THAT? Last time I looked, they are the price-setters. (When it’s not the Wall St. traders, that is.)

BTW, Chavecito doesn’t work on Wall St. If he did, it would be a more humane place.

Notice, too, how the editorial blusterer doesn’t name his “industry analysts”, nor does he even link to their articles so that the reader can see for herself just what the “industry analysts” are saying, or how they manage to make such fantastic estimates. What kind of calculations are involved there, pray? If any analyst incompetent enough to draw such a conclusion even exists, they probably pull those “analyses” from the same orifice as they pull assertions like “Chavez is a dictator”. Fact-free “reporting” at its finest! After all, we wouldn’t want investors in Big Oil to pull out on account of Big Oil’s price fixing. Or its unwillingness to give working and poor folks a break. Or its constant beating up on a democratically elected leader who happens to be non-white…

And of course, CNN, you have no problem with racists like Glenn Beck, who never met a white guy he couldn’t applaud or a black one he couldn’t bash. And you put him on as a “journalist”, too. Why don’t you admit that you’re trying to out-FOX FOX, or out-Limbaugh the Pigman? I mean, it’s not like Beck is any kind of engaging personality; he’s an openly prejudiced lump of unbaked pizza dough. You could do better, but you won’t. Why? Because you’re the Chicken Noodle Network, apparently.

So,, I’m gonna hurt you the best way I know how…and urge others to join the boycott in the name of truth.

Boycott CNN--it's all bullshit

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One Response to CNN: Have I told you lately that I loathe you?

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    First these pigfuckers picture Chavez with the phrase “who killed him?”–now they simply let second-rate propagandists lie with abandon.
    The corporate media are beneath contempt. A hack can regurgitate the most distorted information and not be called on it–if the lies try to damage anyone that the empire veiws as unfavorable.
    Same as it ever was. Standard practice.

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