Holiday cheer from around the world

Poor St. Nick–Yuletide isn’t over yet, and already it’s getting awfully rough on him. In Bethlehem, he got busted:

Israeli soldiers arrested various Palestinians–among them, one dressed as St. Nicholas–who were protesting the apartheid wall which the Israeli Zionist occupiers had built in that location.

Residents of Bethlehem, a city famed as the birthplace of Christ, had been protesting peacefully against the occupying forces and the “wall of shame” which separates the Palestinian lands and families.

Translation mine. Photos at the link; warning–may scar your little children for life.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, some dopey elves got a little too far into the holiday cheer:

Kate Gorman, 35, was waiting to see “Enchanted” with her two young children.

“At least 50 drunk idiots dressed up like Santa came in through the main door,” she said. “They were kicking things over, ripping down posters and smashing everything in sight.”

“They were all dressed as Santa and shouting ‘ho f*****g ho’,” she told the paper.

Her children, Gabriella, 6, and Jackson, 7, had been confused by the incident, she said.

“They asked me, ‘are they Santa’s helpers gone crazy?’ and I said ‘no, they are just idiots’.”

It’s things like this that make you go Bah humbug.

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