Quotable: Morley Callaghan on fascism and the church

“It seems to me that those who have tried to make the rebel cause the Christian cause have no shame. All those who are heart and soul with the rebels have made a clear cut choice between the things that are Caesar’s and the things that are God’s. They are on the side of property rights against human rights.”

Morley Callaghan, Canadian author, writing during the Spanish Civil War as a Catholic in support of the Republican cause. The Vatican notably took the opposite side, and still does.

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2 Responses to Quotable: Morley Callaghan on fascism and the church

  1. Wren says:

    I have come to loath the Paul bots that have been duped by the rhetoric of property rights as being for the people. I have come to the conclusion that they have been fooled into thinking it is about protecting the human needs of food, clothing and shelter when in fact it is about protecting the bourgeoisie’s ability to own the means of production and the right to force others to rent. Paul uses eminent domain as a red herring to make his fight to protect the ownership class seem like a fight for the working people.
    “Property rights are the foundation of all rights in a free society.” — Ron Paul
    I guess if your are poor and own no property, you have no rights according to Paul. How so many can be fooled into being lead back into the 1800’s is so frustrating.
    His comments about the Civil War being unnecessary were pure ignorance. The South’s secession was the response to Lincoln’s gestures of a peaceful reduction of slavery. Only Paul would think Lincoln and not the attack on Fort Sumter started the Civil War.
    Sorry for being a little off topic.
    I think America’s support for the Spanish fascists that were supported by Hitler and Mussolini is not discussed because it would put the truth to the lie that we fought Hitler because of his fascism. We fought Hitler because of his open attempt at the hegemony of Europe. His economics were very much A-Okay with the American bourgeoisie.
    The Pope’s recent attacks on the new Spanish government for their inclusive reforms are so revealing of the true nature of this Nazi Youth Pope. He professes disdain for war, but social and economic warfare is okay. Just like a good Nazi, others are not allowed equality because they are just a little different and don’t fit with his beliefs. The beatification of all these fascists that all fought and stood for everything Christ was against makes the entire Catholic system totally hypocritical and devoid of any legitimacy.

  2. Bina says:

    You’re not off topic at all. I find Ron Paul more and more skeevy the more I learn about him (don’t get me started on his connections to the white supremacist movement–ugh, shudder.) If he’s not a fascist, I’ll eat my favorite hat.
    And yeah, how about that Ratzi. If he wants to fight the devil, let him start with himself. If anyone needs an exorcism, it’s him! His talk about martyrdom sent chills down my spine. If we heard those words coming out of a Muslim leader, we would say he was advocating terrorism.
    Oh, and he was distorting the actual role of all those priests who were supposedly “martyred for their faith”. Bullshit! They were, in the words of one Spanish Republican priest to a Canadian gathering of supporters, “shooting from the belfries” and “making God to be a belligerent”. Some martyrs! It was a “holy war” in which the Vatican and Franco’s fascists made common cause with some mighty bizarre bedfellows–including Islamist Moors! (Yep, certain Muslims were suddenly okay with the Pope–because they were brutal torturers and crack shots who hated those socialist infidels! Wonder if Ratzi plans on making saints out of them?)
    Yes, of course the Vatican opposes war–unless “good” Catholics are fighting it against unbelievers. Then suddenly it’s okay. You can’t have an abortion or marry a same-sex partner, but if you kill democracy and commit atrocities in the name of Christ and property ownership, suddenly it’s God-bless-you-my-son.
    More from Morley Callaghan:
    “The spectacle of devout foreign legion thugs and pious, infidel Moors, ancient enemies of the Christian Spanish people marching to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers leaves me very cold indeed.”

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