Quotable: Oskar Lafontaine on the neo-con world order

“The European Left has lost credibility. It has opened itself too much to neoliberalism, which spells destruction for the social order. If it reverts to its origins, it will make gains again.”

–Oskar Lafontaine, German leftist politician, in an interview with Aporrea. Translation mine.

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One Response to Quotable: Oskar Lafontaine on the neo-con world order

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Lafontaine is spot on.
    Witness the ‘socialist’ parties across Europe, they are hollow shells of their former selves. The populations are being depoliticized and news is melding with entertainment.
    The people are being configured into voyuristic consumers, not citizen-protagonists.
    A combination of dumbing the people down and social austerity is the goal/effect of this current trajectory.

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