Woo-haa, let’s all get naked!

Now that I have your attention, get a load of Dubya. He just never quits looking for people to fuck up the ass, does he?

First, there’s Colombia

President George W Bush has called on Congress to pass a controversial free trade deal with US ally Colombia to help promote regional stability.

Some Congress members are opposed, citing concerns over workers’ rights.

Mr Bush suggested the deal could help counter the influence of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, with whom both the US and Colombia have difficult relations.


Mr Bush’s comments came after he was asked to react to the result of Venezuela’s referendum on Sunday, which saw Mr Chavez’s proposed constitutional reforms defeated.

“The Venezuelan people rejected one-man rule. They voted for democracy,” Mr Bush said.

Translation: “Phase One of Operation Pliers has worked, heh heh heh. Now, let’s move on to the next phase: isolating him or making him LOOK that way. What do you mean he’s not isolated?”

BTW, that bit about “one-man rule” is rich, coming from a president in the process of ORDERING CONGRESS AROUND. Project much?

Then, on to Iran!

Iran remains a threat to the world despite new intelligence saying the country may not be building nuclear weapons, the US president says.

Mr Bush said the report released on Monday was a “warning signal” and his view that a nuclear Iran would be a danger “hasn’t changed”.

Translation: “I don’t give a flying fuck what the intelligence experts are saying. It doesn’t matter if they suspended their weapons program in 2003. And to hell with the opinion of the international community. I want my fucking WAR!”

Unspoken subtext of all this: Let’s all get naked and have us a big ol’ oil-grabbin’ orgy!

(I note in passing, as a Canadian, that we are not screaming for war with Iran, even though we have more of a reason to do so.)

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2 Responses to Woo-haa, let’s all get naked!

  1. Wren says:

    “One man rule?” This from the unitary executive president? It is to laugh.
    Oh, I also wanted to add that, even though this new NIE states Iran suspended its nuclear weapons program in 2003, nobody can provide the proof there ever was a weapons program. Hard to claim they suspended something they never had. That’s the back door this NIE leaves open for the warmongers. It states Iran had a weapons program.
    I in no way condone the Iranian government or their human rights abuses. I just feel that an unjust war based on lies about their nuclear intentions is hardly the way to get reforms in that country. Taking a hard line with any authoritarian regime only gives its government justification for protecting their population from an external threat. As a citizen of the U.S., I consider myself quite knowledgeable on the whole government justifications based on external threats thing.

  2. Bina says:

    Oh boy, now Germany and France are in on it too:
    See what happens when you elect conservatards? You get crap everywhere!

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