Yon Goicoechea, Playboy of Human Rights

From the Department of People You Can’t Take Seriously, a real doozer:

Venezuelan Playboy magazine featuring Yon Goicoechea interview

Check the headline circled in yellow. That’s an interview with Yon Goicoechea, a Venezuelan “student opposition leader”. Yon’s apparently not a bit modest about his media whoredom–the headline quotes him saying “I always knew I’d be a leader”.

Here’s what Aporrea has to say about Yon and his glorious destiny:

Between an ad for Scotch whisky (12 years old) and some pictures of a semi-nude “bunny”, between pages 32 and 35, you can read the article with abundant text, 30 questions, and six photos of the young “director”.

Of course, being a public personage like he is, there’s nothing wrong with him offering declarations via the media. If he dedicates himself to political militancy, his business is to make himself heard one way or another.

But…okay fine: You make political declarations on human rights via Playboy? Is it a legitimate forum to speak of liberty and democracy in a publication which is macho, sexist, and which treats women as objects or merchandise? Is it possible to take seriously someone who talks about his drunken antics between pictures of semi-nude girls…that he is fighting for human rights?

Translation mine.

Of course, to really get to know Yon, it’s important to remember the old biblical saying, “By their fruits shall ye know them.” He’s been linked to a lot of recent student violence leading up to the latest referendum.

It’s also instructive to see the little angel in action:

You can see Yon at around 2:23 in this video. He can’t keep his beady eyes still. Especially when he’s prattling about “human rights”.

When’s the last time you felt a person who looked so shifty was worth taking at face value?

PS: This just in. “Belgian students reject presence of Yon Goicoechea and Freddy Guevara in European Parliament.” WTF were these two punks doing THERE, anyway?

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