How to scare Sean Hannity shitless

Tell him the truth, of course:

He’s afraid of a bunch of Ron Paul supporters? But…but…but…aren’t they REPUBLICANS???

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3 Responses to How to scare Sean Hannity shitless

  1. I’m never going to vote for Ron Paul under any circumstances; way too socially reactionary for this Black male leftist.
    But….a lot more of this would raise my respect for him tenfold.
    Hopefully, they’ll go after BillO next.

  2. Bina says:

    Anthony, Billo is still taking flak for how he shoved Barack Obama’s employee around. It’s now all over the Internets…
    But hey: the simple act of shouting “FOX News sucks!” should be more than enough to cover it. As long as there’s a gaggle of hollering folks everywhere a FUXer goes, and someone else who can post it to YouTube, the word has GOT to get out…

  3. OK….I officially take back whatever little respect I gave Ron Paul… that I find out that he’s nothing more than an uptown Kluxer.
    Given that, though, still nice to see Hannity run like a squealing pig.

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