I could have told them this

But would they listen to me? Nooooo. They just had to figure out for themselves that certain interrogation methods don’t work as well as advertised…

A threat of possible terrorist attacks in Germany, based on a tip from Lebanese authorities after they interrogated an al-Qaida suspect, is less severe than initially thought, authorities said Monday.

The tip came after Lebanese police arrested suspect Mohammed Naddoum last Thursday on allegations that he called the German Embassy in Beirut threatening to strike German security targets.

Officials have given no details of the possible threats, but German news reports said Lebanon told officials that the suspect indicated terrorists inside Germany were prepared to attack targets such as Berlin’s Justice Ministry building. The ministry said it had heightened security.

The details of the tip have now been checked out, and have led to no concrete results, said Federal Criminal Police Office spokeswoman Sandra Clemens.

“At this point in the investigation, an attack can be ruled out,” she said.

My guess is they got it out of him by what’s euphemistically called “coercive interrogation”, and what is more correctly called TORTURE. Lebanon is not exactly free from it.

But I could have told them that Germany is not on the terror shit list. Why? It’s not involved in the war on Iraq. Spain was; that’s why Spain’s trains were bombed, and why the Spaniards wised up and got rid of Aznar in their next election. Australia was; that’s why a nightclub in Bali catering to Aussie tourists was bombed in ’02. Britain still is; that’s why ITS subway trains were also bombed. (The Brits, alas, have not gotten wise and thrown out THEIR warmongers.)

Logic should dictate that Spain is now off the terror shit list. And that Australia, too, will soon follow suit. And that Britain should watch its back.

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