My new year’s resolution? To be Perfected!

Of course, it might take me longer than it would this Jewish singer. You see, I’m Wiccan.

And I must say, as a Witch, that I’ve always wanted to be a homicidal, homophobic bitch with a long, scraggly turkey neck like the Coultergeist. Maybe, if I were stretched from my natural height of five-foot-six to Coulter’s height of five-ten (on an Iron Maiden torture rack?), I would look like that too…and my disposition would be as rotten as hers.

(She can keep the bleached hair, though. Mine’s much nicer.)

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One Response to My new year’s resolution? To be Perfected!

  1. Wren says:

    I think Coulter is just jealous of Eva Braun. She probably has wet dreams of being Hitler’s fuck-buddy.
    And after seven years of George W. Bush and cabal, Mike Godwin can take his law and shove it! These comparisons are not rhetorical anymore. Coulter’s “perfect the Jews” comment wasn’t.

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