One more reason Mittens doesn’t deserve the White House

Forget the magic underwear; Mitt Romney is unfit for presidency for many important reasons that have nothing to do with religion.

For one thing, there’s the little matter of his corporate ties. This is a man who became monstrously and obscenely rich off the same financial mess that is resulting in so many foreclosures across the US. He claimed he was “going to fight for every job”, but his not-so-former firm, Bain Capital, is in fact responsible for massive job losses all across the Fruited Plain. He’s right up there with Henry Kravis and all those other big-time highway robbers. Mitt, does your Heavenly Father like it when you lie through your well-tended teeth?

Then there’s the little matter of his former aide, a College Republican and former student body president, who just embodies that family-values thing sooooooo well. Don’t they vet these people for chastity and lawful conduct before they hire them to smear Democrats about their so-called lack of family values?

And of course, there’s the tragic tale of the Romney family dog–a universal moral fable on the unwisdom of strapping an animal carrier to the roof of one’s car with a live animal therein. Can a man who treats his own pet so callously be trusted with the reins of power? Ask “Seamus”–he knows.

But what really tells me this man is either callous or clueless–or more likely, both–is this little item:

Like other Republican presidential contenders, Mitt Romney favors a get-tough policy on illegal immigrants. But Romney’s desire for tougher immigration enforcement doesn’t apply to Cubans, who he says should be welcomed with open arms.

“I can tell you my inclination would be to say as many Cubans as want to come here should come in,” Romney said in an interview Tuesday with The Tampa Tribune editorial board.

And in case you’re wondering–yes, he’s in favor of keeping up the embargo that is the real reason so many Cubans are so miserable. It hasn’t democratized the island a whit, and if anything, has driven things in the opposite direction–but hey, what are a whole lot of impoverished Cubans when there’s a capitalistic democratic principle at stake? And to hell with logic. All that matters is that more gusanos get to come in, so the Repugs get more votes. Mexicans and other Central Americans trying to get in without papers, however, are still “illegal” and, since they vote Democratic (when they do finally get their papers and become able to vote), can go hang.

I don’t know how the Heavenly Father feels about such strange double and triple standards, but seeing as I come from a country that manages to love freedom and democracy while not embargoing Cuba in any way, well–perhaps I need some magic underwear myself, just to be able to follow Mitt’s impeccable logic.

I’ll bet Mittens, being an inveterate panderer, also loves those right-wing Venezuelan escualidos–they carry suitcases full of money with them wherever they go.

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