Stupid Sex Tricks: Political silly season is now open!

And a plethora of lurid accusations is rollin’ on in.

First, one concerning Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama:

…which may or may not be plausible. (Does this guy look like the limo type to you? And does anyone still take polygraphs seriously as evidence when there is evidence that you can lie and still pass one?)

Then, there’s the totally absurd:

…which I can believe insofar as it concerns Lyndon LaRouche (who is a bona-fide nutcase), but the rest of them? Uh, yeah.

I’m perfectly willing to believe both of these guys have done drugs, though…entirely more than is good for them. The question is, how do they intend to prove they did them with all those politicos?

(And another pertinent question might be, why the obsession with sex and drugs when the policies and voting records of the candidates are the REAL issues?)

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