The face of fucking craziness

I’m sorry to inflict this on y’all, but…

The Young Turks predict exactly what El Predicto out at MY end does.

In a way, this is a foregone conclusion–it’s what you get when you combine youth with only a modest amount of talent, a not-so-natural beauty, and a sex-crazed, gossip-mad tabloid media. It NEVER ends well.

Meanwhile, on a more literary note, I love this one by Frank O’Hara:

Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed!)

Lana Turner has collapsed!

I was trotting along and suddenly

it started raining and snowing

and you said it was hailing

but hailing hits you on the head

hard so it was really snowing and

raining and I was in such a hurry

to meet you but the traffic

was acting exactly like the sky

and suddenly I see a headline


there is no snow in Hollywood

there is no rain in California

I have been to lots of parties

and acted perfectly disgraceful

but I never actually collapsed

oh Lana Turner we love you get up

You should hear that one read aloud by the author, BTW; it’s hysterical. He sounds so queeny, so over-the-top, so mocking, and yet so sincerely despairing, especially on the last line.

Unfortunately, like Cenk, I doubt if Britney will live to become one-tenth the artist that Lana Turner was.

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