And in other neo-Nazi nutbag news…

Looks like Alvaro Uribe has some unsavory company.

Although it’s undeniable that most of those who marched this past Monday in Bogota and other Colombian cities were ordinary people demonstrating their indignation or rejection of the FARC, groups of skinheads or neo-Nazis also took advantage of the day to march against the irregular army, as you can see in this video of the march, taken by the daily El Tiempo de Colombia newspaper and available on their YouTube channel.

The far-right youths shouted slogans against communism, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and the FARC.

“No to communism! No more Chavez, no more FARC” can be heard in the YouTube video. So can shouts of “Uribe, friend, we’re with you till the end”, this in spite of the fact that the demonstration was supposedly convened by independent youth, without political banners, via the Internet.

Translation mine. Here’s the video:

The Nazis appear at about the 2:20 mark.

Hey Alvaro, is the enemy of your “enemy” your friend? Better find some other friends, then.

And hey! So much for the common complaint from the Venezuelan right that Chavez’s supporters are Nazis. Turns out, the Nazis hate him, in both Colombia AND Venezuela–they all think he’s a commie. Go figure!

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