Fedecamaras: just as classy as ever

Remember Fedecamaras? The Venezuelan chamber of commerce that basically made caca all over itself during April 2002, when its then-president illegally declared himself president, not merely of Fedecamaras, but of the entire blessed country? Yeah, that Fedecamaras.

Well, Fedecamaras has changed presidents since then, but it hasn’t really changed its stripes. According to the Canadian Press wires, it’s still as eager as ever to present itself, not as a treasonous aggressor against the legitimate president of Venezuela, but as his hapless victim. And how better to do that than to plant in the media and the minds of the public a strangely pat conclusion about a terrible tragedy that just so happened to take place on Fedecamaras’ own doorstep, so to speak?

A small bomb exploded outside the headquarters of Venezuela’s leading business chamber Sunday, killing one person, police said.

The blast occurred near the entrance of the Fedecamaras business chamber headquarters in Caracas’s middle-class district of La Florida at approximately 1 a.m. local time, killing an unidentified man and shattering windows, federal police Chief Marcos Chavez said.

“There’s a person who was close by, and presumably could have been hit by the shock wave,” Chavez told The Associated Press in a brief telephone interview. “We still have not identified the person.”

The explosion could have been meant to scare business leaders who have been critical of President Hugo Chavez, said Fedecamaras President Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

“These actions do not intimdate us. They commit us to continue fighting for Venezuela,” Gonzalez told Union Radio.

What an interesting choice of words, Sr. Gonzalez: “fighting for Venezuela”. Is that what you called it when you collaborated with the US State Dept. in an act of treason that left dozens dead and hundreds injured? An act of treason that resulted in two whole days of dictatorial repression, the dismantling of all Venezuela’s democratic institutions, and if not for the patriotism of millions of the ordinary people of the barrios–those really fighting for Venezuela–would have ended in a military-business junta, similar to that of Argentina or Chile, in charge for at least a decade? Is that what you call “fighting for Venezuela”? Man, you suits sure have the strangest notions of patriotism.

And talk about strange, here’s what else passes for “fighting for Venezuela” in the argot of Fedecamaras:

Last week, Gonzalez strongly criticized Chavez for accusing local businesses of stockpiling products to sell later at inflated prices as Venezuelans struggle with sporadic food shortages.

Chavez warned recently that any business caught hoarding goods such as chicken, eggs and milk “should be seized and taken under government control” – threats that alarmed Fedecamaras.

Awww…isn’t that touching? Fedecamaras “fights for Venezuela” by defending the “rights” of businesses to illegally stockpile food that is supposed to be sold at affordable prices to the same poor folks who really fought for Venezuela during the coup of ’02. Yes, these heroic patriots of the suit set think it’s the height of patriotism to starve out the barrio dwellers who can no longer find these staples at Mercal, and enrich the speculators who illegally truck the hoarded food across the border and sell it in Colombia! And they’re doing all this in the hope of causing the populace to rise up on the side of big business against their elected president! Doesn’t that just make your eyes well up and brim over with the wonder and patriotism of it all?

BTW, the “unidentified man” who died in this blast (and whose death is being used to shameful propagandistic ends by Fedecamaras) has been identified by pro-Chavez alternative media outlets YVKE Mundial and Aporrea as Hector Eduardo Serrano. May he rest in peace.

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4 Responses to Fedecamaras: just as classy as ever

  1. xprdr says:

    this article looks like if it was inspired in some fiction conspiracy book, but no it is just political fanaticism, FEDECAMARAS did not exploded their own headquarters some Chaves/communist/extremist fanatic put the bomb there with the intention of destroying the headquarters of FEDECAMARAS, because that way, apparently, FEDECAMARAS would disappear.
    No one is clean in Venezuela, and that will be seen in a few year when all this turbulence ends and a new government appear in venezuela (a fair government)

  2. Dude, put the crackpipe down and get a life. Fedecamaras is not about “fair government”. It’s a fascist organization that, fortunately for Venezuela, can’t organize a coup to save its sorry ass. Can’t install a dictator either, thankfully. I didn’t, by the way, even SUGGEST that they bombed their own headquarters, and neither did the news piece I translated, but now that you mention it (what a great imagination you have!), it’s entirely possible. They’re not above anything, although they think they should be above the law, as the Carmonazo of ’02 made painfully clear.
    BTW: Who do you think keeps organizing violent “protests” in Venezuela? Chavistas? Get real. The only “turbulence” there is what the chronic losers in democratic elections keep stirring up. Everytime they get a toothache, they blame it on “communism” instead of just brushing their teeth and seeing their dentists as sane people would. And if they could only accept their defeat, learn from their mistakes, and put out a REAL political platform for a change, they wouldn’t have to resort to such extremism. Oh, they’d probably still lose, because they deserve to; they have no ideas that didn’t come from Washington or Bretton Woods, and certainly none that will ever work. But at least there wouldn’t be this artificial hullabaloo about “communism”, which by the way, doesn’t convince anyone with at least two working brain cells to rub together. The PCV and the PSUV are two separate entities, and both are committed to democratic process. Which is more than anyone can say for the fascists, the pitiyankis, and Fedecamaras.

  3. Mariana Atencio says:

    Sabina Becker! Where do you currently live to be making these assertions? ahhhh in Canada, right? Where they don’t have food shortages; where the streets aren’t filled with sicklier and poorer kids every day; where the violence doesn’t get so bad you can’t go out anymore…..So, if you’re willing to put your money where you mouth is, why don’t you move to Venezuela and suck up this so-called revolution that’s been tearing our country apart for 10 years.
    I’ve lived with Chavez since I was 14, and frankly, my generation is going to turn things around, this time for the better, just you wait…

  4. Well, heydee ho, neighbor-girl. And where do YOU live to be spitting like that at me?
    Hmmm…IP lookup shows me you live in NEW YORK CITY. Yeah, you really have it rough under Chávez–so rough you’re not even living there anymore! Seems to me your credibility is shot.
    Meanwhile, the fact remains that your heroes at Fedecamaras are still MURDERERS–still guilty of the massacre of April 11, 2002, among others. Why not address the real point of this post instead of lobbing personal attacks and tired old long-discredited lies at me? Can’t do it? What a surprise.
    Unlike you pitiyanki escualidos, we’re not stupid up here; we know how to fact-check. Or at least I do. You might want to try it before dropping any more dung on my blog. It might not make me like your deficient personality better, but it might improve your case…if you only had one!

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