Karl Rove: NOT welcome in Vancouver!

In Venezuela, the neo-con rich bang pots to bring down a popular president, and bring back oppression of the poor. In Canada, the regular folks do it the other way around–to fight the rich neo-cons who are trying to cheat us all out of a good future.

BTW, the Fraser Institute is deeply un-Canadian and downright anti-Canadian. During the ’90s, they faked a big debt crisis (in response to the overlords of international capitalism), falsely claiming that we could no longer afford a public social safety net, and the media bought it. The feds cut some social services and downloaded others onto the provinces; the provinces then turned around and did the same to municipalities. And right now, the municipalities are teetering on a brink, and taxpayers are still paying (through the nose) for all this Fraser treachery. When we’re not having to pay through the nose for less efficient, more expensive private-for-profit DISservices. Meanwhile, poverty is worse–thanks to Fraser’s loud hyping of a crisis-that-never-was. So it’s good to see them get some bad publicity for a change, and on Global at that–the most right-wing of our major TV networks!

(Oh, and they’re still at it, too…as recently as 2006, they were ringing the phony alarm bells about our national debt, AGAIN. Pfeh.)

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One Response to Karl Rove: NOT welcome in Vancouver!

  1. skdadl says:

    I’m so glad to see that there was a good demo against the bastard. Well done, Vancouver.

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