Mad Mel and his thirty shekels

Sheesh. What IS it with these religiocrazies? First they make a suspiciously overtoned movie glorifying the torture-death of Jesus (and a whole slew of horrible, sadistic commercial kitsch to go with it), and now this

Actor and director Mel Gibson is being sued by the scriptwriter of his film The Passion of the Christ.

Benedict Fitzgerald says Mr Gibson told him the movie would cost up to $7m, but the writer claims the 2004 film’s real budget was set between $25m to $50m.

Mr Fitzgerald claims in court papers he took a salary which was “substantially less than what he would have taken had he known the true budget of the film”.

He also says he was refused extra money when the movie became a blockbuster.

Mr Fitzgerald also alleges Mr Gibson promised he would not receive money from the film and that profits would be distributed to people who worked on the movie.

Mr Gibson stated he did not want “money on the back of what he considered a personal gift to his faith,” legal papers said.

Hey Mel, whatever happened to rich men not entering heaven? As I recall, your movie was heavy on the death of Christ, but light on what he actually said and did in the rest of his life. What do you suppose Jesus would say to this?

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