Neal Boortz: Useless, worthless parasite

Warning: Extreme victim-blaming by someone who probably does EVERYTHING he accuses Those People (i.e. the poor and blacks of New Orleans, whom he calls “GARBAGE”) of doing…

Malmö Blue writes:

YOU, the consumer can do something to protest this smut and get this guy off the air!

Do like Nancy, a regular caller to KPHX, who has already announced that she will cancel her cable service provided by COX Communications Inc., owner of WSB 750 AM! Good for you, Nancy!

Be sure to let them know in writing that you disapprove of such hate mongering and will not have any business dealings with any company who supports it…


Cox Communications Inc.

1400 Lake Hearn Drive

Atlanta, Georgia 30319 U.S.A.


(404) 843-5000

Cox subscribers, please exercise your wallet power. Get this racist scumbag off the air. He is a useless, worthless parasite of the public airwaves, and it is time to kick this pile of trash to the curb.

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3 Responses to Neal Boortz: Useless, worthless parasite

  1. Actually, the text on the video description is from Angelika in Germany, who wrote the thread at the Nova M Radio message boards. Other than that, I’m happy that you’re also taking a stance against this piece-of-boortz with this article.
    E-mailed Brave New Films earlier today, asking that they would shine some light on this aswell. Let’s hope…! 🙂

  2. Bina says:

    Ah, thanks for the correction! I’m crossing my fingers (or as we say in German, “pressing my thumbs”) that Brave New Films picks up on it, too.
    Boy, am I glad this kind of thinking is definitely of the lunatic fringe here in Canada. Unfortunately, the lunatic fringe is currently squatting all over Parliament Hill.

  3. Oh, nice to see that WSB has retained their high standards of excrement in broadcasting since Malloy left there.
    Gee, Mr. Boortz…I’m sure that the people of N’Awlins are more than apppreciative of your comments on how they could have left the city in the midst of Katrina’s strike. Of course, how exactly would you recommend they leave when (1) the roads are already crowded with people who have the wherewithal to leave; and (2) you had armed cops with loaded guns attempting to stop anyone with darker melanin even attempting to escape the hellhole created by Katrina’s flooding.
    But no, I forgot….that’s only for real right-thinking people like him and his right-wing allies who can sit on THEIR fat asses back in Atlanta and mock the suffering of poor and Black folk down here.
    Cynthia McKinney is still no “ghetto slut”, regardless of her hairstyle. Neal Boortz, on the other hand, is simply a corrupt, bigoted WHORE..and not in the sex worker definition of the word, either.
    Another one for the SYAD/STFU files.

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