Pakistan: Bestest Democracy Evah!

Okay, you wingnuts–you screamed about Muslims protesting against inflammatory ‘toons in Denmark. Where’s your outrage over this? Last Sunday, the YouTube videos all over the Internets went dark, and nobody said boo…and now we know why:

Pakistan has blocked access to the popular YouTube website because of content deemed offensive to Islam.

Its telecommunications authority ordered internet service providers to block the site until further notice.

Reports said the content included Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that have outraged many.

But one report said a trailer for a forthcoming film by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, which portrays Islam in a negative light, was behind the ban.

“They asked us to ban it immediately… and the order says the ban will continue until further notice,” said Wahaj-us-Siraj, convener of the Association of Pakistan Internet Service Providers.

Hmmm. I guess the reason for this strangely selective lack of outrage is over the fact that Pervez Musharraf, who is STILL, er, “president” of Pakistan, is the one behind all this. And since he’s Dubya’s good buddy, of course anything he does is all right. After all, Pakistan is Teh Bestest Democracy Evah!

And besides, the Muslims in Denmark only protested. They didn’t actually censor anything. Everybody knows that dissent, not censorship, is the real evil! When in Denmark, your duty is to conform to the American global standard, Citizen!

Now, for another round of “look how brave we are, fighting Islamofascism with IslamoBASHism!” Coming soon to a wingnut site near you…

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