The sad and pathetic condition of a certain opposition

If only those idiots were useful, eh kitty?

Once more, the FARC release some hostages in the Colombian jungle.

And guess who got them sprung? And, evil mean tyrannical bastard that he is, even sent Venezuelan search-and-rescue helicopters to collect them, with the Red Cross logo on board?

You’d think the Venezuelan lamestream media would for once be bursting with pride in the influential skills of their president, who really seems to have a knack for getting the FARC to play nice, but oh noooo. Instead, they’re reporting a completely irrelevant whimper from the Spanish prime minister (not president, Spain is not a republic, it is a monarchy–get a clue, El Luniversal!) saying you have to play nice with the opposition.

What a strange thing to say, considering they are fascists who refuse to play nice themselves. There they are, once again, trying so hard to draw attention to their own nonexistent oppression. What a pity it’s not very convincing. It’s awfully hard for them to argue that they are oppressed when this same president they so love to hate is now working to assure that Venezuelan players in big-league baseball are NOT oppressed, and is even hauling ass to make sure there’s milk in Mercal for the traditionally oppressed (who voted for him repeatedly because he’s the one guy who made good on his promises to un-oppress them).

Of course, the thing setting these fine young fascists apart from their predecessors is that the current crop have no sense of style whatsofuckingever. But hey! You can trust even their “educated experts” to get things oh, so wrong. With such a Simple Simon act to follow, is it any wonder the ol’ goose-step has turned into a bit of a limp?

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