Colombia: Even deeper in it than originally thought

And if you have to ask what “it” is, here’s a hint: It’s brown, it steams, it smells bad, and you don’t want it all over the bottom of your shoe. Unfortunately, that’s exactly where Alvaro Uribe is wearing it right now, in light of the following:

One of the three female FARC guerrillas wounded in the Colombian military operation in Ecuadorian territory last Saturday said today that there had been two bombings against the clandestine encampment in the border region of Angostura.

The Mexican, Lucia Andrea Monett, currently in the Quito Military Hospital, related that in the early hours of Saturday, as she was waking up in the guerrilla camp in the jungle around midnight, she heard and felt the explosions of the bombs and that about three hours later, there was another round of explosions.

“There were planes, helicopters, I don’t know–they started to fire bombs and it lasted quite a while, I could hear screams and then it let up a bit, and then there were no more planes or helicopters overhead; and then, around three in the morning, I heard bombs,” the Mexican told an interviewer from the Teleamazonas channel.

Another of the injured women, Martha Perez, said that she had only been with the guerrillas for one year, but she too had been surprised by the Colombian military attack, which created a grave diplomatic crisis between Colombia and Ecuador, as well as Venezuela.

“I had only been in for a year, not much time to be a guerrilla,” Martha said. “When we heard bombs around midnight, I was in bed and I felt the bomb blasts, they were falling on us, I threw myself on the ground. I was trying to get my boots on, but then a bomb went off nearby and I crawled out as best I could.”

Translation mine.

Yes, that’s right–they bombed the FARC encampment in the dead of night. TWICE. And there was no exchange of fire, as was claimed by Colombia. The guerrillas were taken completely by surprise, and never fired a shot even in self-defence–because they were asleep.

Funny how often Chavecito is right when he says something rude but honest, eh? This certainly is looking more and more like cold-blooded murder AND bald-faced lying.

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