Correa to Bush: Porque no te jodas?

Okay, so he didn’t quite put it THAT graphically. But the fuck-you-very-much was pretty unambiguous just the same:

My translation follows:

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, responded this Friday to his US counterpart, George W. Bush, saying he should send troops to the border with Colombia to control the zone and, if he would not do so, to “shut up” rather than give credence to any declarations from Bogota that link him (Correa) with the FARC guerrillas.


“Enough of the double standards, the hypocrisy. Send your forces. Mr. Bush, send your soldiers, so that it will be your soldiers that die on the southern Colombian border. Let’s see if the citizens of the United States will accept such a tremendous barbarity. Otherwise, shut your mouth and understand what is happening in Latin America”, Correa said.

Linkage added.

Please note that this comes not only on the heels of the illegal, obviously US-backed incursion of Colombia into sovereign Ecuador, but also one year prior to the planned closing of the last official US military base in South America–which just so happens to be in Ecuador.

You really have to admire the cojones of this man, even if this obviously means that John Perkins’s heavy warning is in ever greater danger of coming true.

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