Dueling Crapaganda

Chavecito vs. Alvaro the Arrogant…the Cage Match. At least, that’s how the Crapagandisti of the Lamestream Media are playing the latest Venezuela/Colombia dispute (over Ecuador, no less).

Just for shits ‘n’ giggles, here are some of their contradictory headlines, as grouped by subject matter:

Who’s Funding Whom?

Reuters: “Colombia says FARC documents show Chavez funding”

The Miami Herald: “Colombian police: Rebels sent Chávez money”

The Sword Dance

Philly.com: “Chavez rattles sabers at Colombia”


Lawyer Up! Lawyer Down!

Canada.com: “Uribe to denounce Chavez in court in Andes crisis”

Prensa Latina: “Colombian Accusation Disallowed in Chavez Case”

Oh wait. That last one wasn’t crapaganda, it was actually fact-based. Can’t imagine how it landed in Google Alerts. They usually vet their “news” stories for extreme pro-Washington and/or anti-Chavez bias. Prensa Latina possesses neither. Sorry about that; it won’t happen again.

Now, on to more dangerous factuality…

Prensa Latina: “Colombian raid was meant for Venezuela”. See also, “Uribe Accused of being Bush puppet”. (And no, Chavecito was not the accuser; that was a Peruvian journalist. Just imagine, even Peru isn’t backing Colombia on this!)

Venezuelanalysis: “Venezuela: ‘The Colombian government has lied blatantly'”; “Latin American governments condemn Colombian attacks, defend territorial sovereignty”; “Venezuela: troop deployments are preventative”; “Plan Colombia: The Real Destabilizing Force in South America”, and “Uribe’s Colombia is destabilizing a new Latin America”. (Would someone please set up a mirror site or two for Venezuelanalysis? I have a sneaking suspicion the State Dept. is going to try hacking it, soon.)

And of course, BoRev is always toothsome and newsworthy.

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