Greeted as liberators?

Two Iraqi expats–journalist Ali Fadhil, working out of London, and professor/author Sinan Antoon, of New York, talk with Charlie Rose about the invasion/occupation of Iraq.

They also dispel some of the popular myths prevalent in the media here. Not least of which is the idea that everything has been better in Iraq since Saddam is gone.

Oh, and they dare to tell the truth: “The oil sector is the only thing that is working well.”

I shall leave it to your imagination as to for whom.

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2 Responses to Greeted as liberators?

  1. Wren says:

    “We have a credibility problem.” — Charlie Rose
    Thank you, Captain Obvious!
    It always amazes me when the media in this country can’t seem to accept the idea of a war of aggression and the criminality of it. It is just that simple. I mean what kind of leader preemptively and illegally invades a sovereign solely on perceived threat of WMD and then is allowed to remain in power after making a joke about not being able to find any? What kind of people that call themselves free allow that?
    “The Americans in Iraq are like a virus…” — Ali Fadhil
    That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? We invaded and occupied after destroying Iraq’s infrastructure and imposing sanctions for years and then proceed to ignore all security and post invasion planning with the glaring exception of the oil fields. Infect then consume host’s resources. Sounds like a virus to me.
    And of course we were not really interested in just removing Sadam. He accepted an offer to go into exile right before the invasion and Bush refused it. That was the proof that the second and third rational of regime change and democracy was a lie. Just more of that U.S. amnesia Sinan Antoon was talking about.

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    Bina, I have been a lurker of late–but I scan your site every couple of days.
    keep up this excellent blog chica.
    Charlie Rose’s reactions to the description of racist US imperialism is painful. The truth hurts sometimes.
    What is painfully obvious is the habit of US people to adopt a convinient amnesia when it comes to past crimes.
    If you ask the typical US citizen who the attackers on the 9-ll were, their nationality, you will be greeted by a blank stare and a stutter.
    Now it is a very distinct possiblity that they will vote for a presidental candidate that will simply continue the US occupation of Iraq for at least the next decade.
    Sad, simply sad.
    Leave it to a bespeckeled long-hair to state the truth boldly and without flinching. Bravo.
    I imagine that Rose had to take a double dose of the pain-meds he is on for his head injury after that episode. LOL
    Again, keep up the blogging Bina. I read you regularly even when I don’t have the strenght to string together a few sentences. Hugs.

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