Someone’s ass needs kicking again

Y’see, there’s this fella named Thor

Who is more than a bit of a whore.

He shouts and he screams

And he pouts and he preens–

The rest of us wonder what for.

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3 Responses to Someone’s ass needs kicking again

  1. leanne coronel says:

    i actually saw the documentary he produced, indoctrinate U. thought it was actually a very well made thought provoking film. but people who’s claim to fame is writing little limericks will never comprehend the film.

  2. Bina says:

    Oh, any little idiot can make a “very well made thought provoking film”, and this little idiot did; whether he can make it based on facts is another matter entirely. But thanks for letting us know you drank the Kool-Aid. “U” have been indoctrinated, I see.
    By the way, this “little limerick” is not my “claim to fame”; but then, you will never understand THIS site, either. Unless you keep on reading, in which case maybe, if you are at all smart, you will gradually come off the Kool-Aid and back to reality. Something worth considering–if you are at all smart.
    You may want to work on that smart-thing by learning how to use a shift key and apostrophize correctly, BTW.

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