They were no angels, so we killed them

Can you believe this bit of breathtaking logic?

The Colombian defence minister, Juan Manuel Santos, justified at a press conference on Friday the killings of four Mexican students during the attack by Colombia on Ecuadorian territory.

The minister assured that these young people “were no little angels”, and attempted to link them to the FARC guerrillas in order to defend the murders.

“They knew perfectly well where they were going and whom they were interviewing, and with whom they were sleeping in the same encampment,” Santos added.

Five students from the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) were in the FARC encampment which was bombed by Colombia. 24 persons were killed, including civilians and the rebel commander Raul Reyes. Four of them, Juan Gonzalez del Castillo, Fernando Franco Delgado, Veronica Natalia Velazquez Ramirez and Soren Ulises Aviles Angeles, died in the bombing, while another, Lucia Morett Alvarez, was injured and is still in military hospital in Quito, along with two other women of Colombian nationality who were also caught in the attack.

The students’ families said that the students had been conducting an academic investigation, and announced that they would take legal action against the Colombian government, calling this tragedy “a state crime”.

For his part, minister Santos confirmed that the Colombian government also in effect paid off Pablo Montoya, alias “Rojas”, the assassin who killed FARC secretariat member Ivan Rios. Montoya received 5 million Colombian pesos ($2.6 million US). Santos claimed that “we were paying for the information” the killer provided to the Colombian government, not the killling.

Translation mine.

So…to summarize: In Colombia, if you don’t want to get your ass killed, you have to be a real little angel and never so much as say boo to anyone from the FARC. Same goes for if you’re in Ecuador, which is technically outside of Colombian jurisdiction. But to killers of little Mexican non-angels, all that is just a technicality. Point being, if the Colombian military and paramilitary thugs want blood, and you’re no angel, you’re fair game no matter where your ass is at.

Oh, and the government of Colombia is willing to pay good money for “information” (cough cough) so it can kill more political rivals non-angels. Just don’t ask where they got that money, ‘kay?

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