Uribe’s thugs are on the Internets

And they’ve committed two hacks. One on the website of a certain Ecuadorable president:

The official website of the Presidency of Ecuador (www.presidencia.gov.ec) was blocked today for the second time by a hacker who left it out of service.

The info-pirate left a message, “Don’t mess with Colombia”, and blocked all access to infromation on the portal, which remained disabled for several hours until, around 2 p.m. local time (7 p.m. GMT), it came back online but with error messages.

And the other, a death threat to a liberal Colombian senator who’s best known for her work for peaceful, humanitarian release of FARC hostages along with Chavecito:

A note on the portal www.colombiaparatodos.net announded that the website, www.piedadcordoba.net, belonging to Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba, had been hacked.

“Ideas must be combatted with ideas, not spurious and mean-spirited actions. Senator Piedad Cordoba will be able to write in our periodical, since all messages and archives published here are kept in a backup database”, the note went on to say.

On the front page of the senator’s website, this message appears:

“We apologize, the website of Senator Piedad Cordoba remains out of service since a hacker named Kamilo Leyton, whose e-mail address is elpillino@hotmail.com, entered illegally and erased all archives, portal configuratoins, and left the message, ‘LET’S ELIMINATE PIEDAD CORDOBA.'”

The technical team of Senator Cordoba is still working to restore the configurations and archives maliciously erased, as well as all e-mails.

Translations mine.

You know that Alvaro the Arrogant and his peons are out of hand when shit like this happens. But don’t count on BushCo to classify either of these events as terrorism, even though they certainly qualify as such in any reasonable person’s book.

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