Who needs the stinkin’ DEA?

Not Venezuela, apparently. They kicked ’em out a while back, and now we’re seeing a number of dramatic results. Like, oh, say, this:

Combat helicopters and F-16 fighter jets opened fire at a clandestine airstrip in Venezuela’s remote southern plains on Friday as part of a government counter-drug effort.

Smoke rose from the bombed airstrip as helicopters hovered above the savannah.

Army Gen. Jesus Gonzalez told state television that so far this year, the military has demolished 67 airstrips used by drug traffickers to smuggle cocaine from neighboring Colombia to the United States and Europe. Another 90 are to be destroyed next week.

“We are carrying out this operation to reaffirm the conviction and commitment of our military in the fight against the drug problem,” Gonzalez said.

Would it be tasteless to point out that Venezuela has been seizing record amounts of cocaine since it booted out the DEA? And that Colombia, despite being on good terms with the DEA (and receiving mucho dinero), is just not holding up its end of the anti-drug effort?

Well, shoot, that’s nothing. Ever wonder what role the DEA plays, not in fighting drug trafficking, but promoting it? They’ve a ways to go before they catch up with the CIA, which has been at it for as long as it’s been…well, the CIA–but trust me, they’re in like Flynn in Colombia.

Thank Chavecito, they’re out of Venezuela.

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