BushCo might want to rethink that toy ranch they bought…

…because look who’s the new president of Paraguay!

A leftist ex-bishop Monday celebrated his historic electoral triumph in Paraguay’s presidential election after defeating the ruling party candidate and ending 61 years of conservative rule.

Fernando Lugo was declared the winner by the Electoral Tribunal with nearly 41 percent of the vote compared to almost 31 percent for Blanca Ovelar of the ruling Colorado Party, crushing her dream of becoming the South American country’s first woman president.

“Today we can dream of a different country,” Lugo, 56, told reporters late Sunday. “Paraguay will simply not be remembered for its corruption and poverty, but for its honesty.”


Lugo earlier addressed jubilant supporters of his leftist Patriotic Alliance for Change coalition at his campaign headquarters, saying the election showed that “the little people can also win.”

“You are responsible for the happiness of the majority of the Paraguayan people today,” he said as supporters chanted his name.

“This is the Paraguay I dream about, with many colors, many faces, the Paraguay of everyone,” said Lugo, who was suspended from his religious order by the Vatican in late 2006 for his entry into politics.

And the Moonies, too, might want to think about getting out now, before the Paraguayans decide to take a pitchfork to them.

Oh, and all you foreign water bottlers who are rubbing your hands at the prospect of sucking up the Guarani Aquifer? One word of advice: Don’t. Paraguay is not the only country sitting on top of it, and with progressives in charge throughout Mercosur, and social justice on the agenda all around, even in Paraguay there will soon be much more (and much needed) oversight.

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