Calderon to Uribe: Don’t be dissin’, don’t be hatin’

While all the whore media are all busy screaming about Chavecito’s diplomatic and democratic deficits, they’re suspiciously silent about the much larger ones of a certain Colombian parapresident. Fortunately, kiddies, you’ve got me…and I’ve got Aporrea:

Mexican president Felipe Calderon rejected the statements of his Colombian counterpart, Alvaro Uribe, to the effect that the Mexican students who died and were injured in the bombing of Raul Reyes’ encampment, were accomplices of the FARC.

“It seems to me that the prudent thing to do is not to label or prejudge in one way or another the characteristics or the activities of these young people,” Calderon said, according to the website of El Universal.

The Mexican leader said that “we all have our own hypotheses, but the suffering of the parents and the memory of their children deserve the benefit of the doubt until these investigations are completed.”

Translation mine. Link added.

That giant slapping sound you just heard was pimp Calderon letting psycho bitch Uribe know where things really stand.

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