Ever been glad you couldn’t afford something?

Then you probably know just what I’m feeling about LASIK after reading this…

Patients unhappy with their laser eye surgery urged U.S. health regulators to do more to limit poor results, saying complications from the LASIK procedure have taken a toll on their sight and emotions.

Blurred vision, dry eyes, glare and double-vision have led to depression and in some cases suicide, several patients told a U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel.

“Since LASIK, I am visually handicapped,” said patient David Shell, adding that he has near constant eye pain and depression. “My eyes never feel comfortable… 10 years have passed and I still suffer from this problem.”

And just think–you pay by the eye for this. Or should that be through the nose? Either way, I’m glad I still wear my glasses and contacts, even if they ARE inconvenient at times. It beats committing suicide because some butcher with a laser fucked up your eyes.

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