No, of course they’re not terrorists.

The Venezuelan opposition, stoop to such undiplomatic and undemocratic vulgarities as this? Perish forbid! Everybody knows that they are the paragons of civil society. Right?


A dissident former general has been sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for bombing attacks on Spanish and Colombian diplomatic missions in Venezuela’s capital.

The state-run Bolivarian News Agency reported Wednesday that former National Guard Gen. Felipe Rodriguez was convicted of conspiracy and aggravated burning of property for the 2003 attacks.

Rodriguez, who was sentenced Tuesday, was accused of planning the explosions at the Spanish Embassy and Colombian Consulate, which injured four people.

Venezuelan officials said at the time that the bombings were meant to destabilize the government of President Hugo Chavez, who shortly beforehand had warned Spain and Colombia not to interfere in Venezuelan affairs.

Rodriguez, also known by his nickname “The Crow,” was among military officers who rose up against President Hugo Chavez in a short-lived 2002 coup.

He later helped lead a series of demonstrations in Caracas along with other military commanders opposed to Chavez’s left-leaning government.

Folks, this is what we call a false flag operation. And had it succeeded, it might have become a classic one.

Too bad it backfired. That’s what we call being hoisted on one’s own petard, if I’m not mistaken.

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