Sacrebleu de merde! What is this?

Oh, it’s just France kissing both the dimpled cheeks of Chavecito…again.

France’s top diplomat sought help from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday to press for the liberation of rebel-held hostages in Colombia.

Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner is aiming at restarting talks to free hostages who include French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt.

“We spoke about the liberation of the hostages, all of the hostages, of course Ingrid, but also all of the others,” Kouchner said after emerging from the presidential palace. He revealed few details of the conversation.

Kouchner has said he believes Chavez can play an important role. The leftist rebels express an ideological affinity with the socialist president and have freed six Colombian hostages to his government so far this year.

Heh. Looks like all those France-haters left over from the run-up to Gulf War II can now join all the Venezuela-haters in screaming over this. (Why do you people hate the freeing of hostages, people?)

And, bonus! The AP has had a moment of correctitude in saying that the FARC are sympathetic to Chavecito, rather than the other way ’round as usual.

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