And this vindicates “creation science” HOW?

Giving new definition to the term “God botherer”, we have the luvverly folks at “GodTube”, who think it’s not enough to merely broadcast themselves; they have themselves conflated with “Him”:

Strangely, though, there’s nary a biblical reference in this video treatise. Just a reference to some (alleged) Chinese philosophy comparing fruits and vegetables to various parts of the human body.

The variety of fruity comparisons here is impressive. Carrots are compared to eyes, tomatoes to the heart, avocados to the womb, grapefruit to the breasts. I can’t help noticing one glaring omission, though: Why no comparison of zucchini to penises? After all, squash and pumpkin seeds are supposed to be great for helping to maintain male reproductive health, fertility and sexual potency!

Actually, I notice another glaring omission here: a comparison of creationists to vegetables, period.

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2 Responses to And this vindicates “creation science” HOW?

  1. john smartt says:

    come on sabrina, tell us what you really think!
    our fundamentalist friends are always good for a laugh or two. unless they are armed, of course.

  2. Ben Gruagach says:

    Wow — just wow.
    Making arbitrary comparisons between fruits and vegetables and parts of the human body has absolutely ZERO to do with anything resembling evidence for “intelligent design” or creationism or whatever crackpot idea they are flogging today.
    I guess the people who did that lovely video were also completely ignorant of the fact that many of the fruits and vegetables they were using as comparisons were selectively bred by human gardeners. Their wild ancestors were often quite different in appearance (often much smaller fruits and vegetables, colours more muted, shapes less regular, etc.) I remember reading somewhere that citrus fruits, for instance, are relatively new — they were all selectively bred from a sort of orange-lemon in Asia. In other words, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines, and all the varieties of those as well as the different types of oranges didn’t exist before human intervention! (And none of it works if evolutionary theory is just bunkum…)

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