Bolivia NOT falling apart after all. Film at 11

Santa Cruz may want to suck on this:

The national electoral commission (CNE) in Bolivia ratified the revocation of two autonomy votes, those of Pando and Tarija, for the 1st and 22nd of June respectively, on Thursday. The decision stood even though representative Jeronimo Pinheiro, the vice-president of the CNE, did not sign on.

According to commission president Jose Luis Exeni, representative Pinheiro was present during a meeting this past May 2. However, the representative, from Pando Department, “decided not to vote”, claiming to be “under great pressure from his region, especially the Prefect, Leopoldo Fernandez.”

The electoral authority said that Pinheiro’s action constitutes a “grave violation” of electoral process, and informed that the correct procedure would be that those representatives not in favor, vote against.

Translation mine.

That giant smacking sound you just heard was a big fat bitch-slap to the so-called “autonomy movement”, the one that the lamestream media in the English-speaking world (especially Andres “Narcissist Leninist” Schloppenheimer) claim is gonna be the death of Evo. Well, guess what: He’s still alive and well, and keeping his promises unimpeded. And he’s more popular than ever, I’ll bet–leaders with cojones and a predilection for keeping their promises generally are.

Venezuela and Ecuador are watching this especially closely, for reasons of their own. However, seeing as the Santa Cruz vote was an absolute shambles, with no OAS observers, obvious evidence of fraud and mass cremations of pre-marked “yes” ballots (uh, those would be the fraud), plus this latest news that the Tarija and Pando votes have just been shredded, it looks bad for those with the treasonous intentions.

And from where I sit, it looks downright hilarious. These “autonomy” guys, for all their Nazi trappings and intimidation tactics, are a nasty, drunken gang that can’t shoot straight. Too used to snorting coke, living like feudal lords and abusing indigenous women and not used enough to actual democracy, I guess.

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