Chavecito calls it right again

Angela Merkel emerging from Bush's bum

I don’t care if the current German chancellor is a woman. I have scant respect for her at the best of times, because she is not an uppity woman. She licks Bush’s butt. And do you know what the implications of that are?

Ask Chavecito, if you’re still unsure. He knows!

“Ms. Chancellor, you can go to …,” he said, pausing for effect and eliciting giggles from the audience, a group of military officers, cabinet ministers and government officials. “Because she’s a woman I won’t say anything else.”

The leftist leader, who famously called U.S. President George W. Bush “the devil” at a United Nations assembly, slammed Merkel for calling on Latin American leaders to distance themselves from Chavez.

“She is from the German right, the same that supported Hitler, that supported fascism, that’s the Chancellor of Germany today,” he said.

Chavez said he could confront her about the statements if he attends an upcoming summit of heads of state from Europe and Latin America in Peru.

“Maybe I’ll say something to her and she’ll get mad and say ‘why don’t you shut up?'” he said, referencing Spanish King Juan Carlos’ 2007 admonition of the loquacious Chavez that touched off a bilateral dispute with Spain.

Chavez on Sunday called Colombian President Alvaro Uribe a “liar” who “shouldn’t even run a corner store.”

In the past, he has called U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld “one of the dogs of the devil” and then-President of Mexico Vicente Fox the “lap-dog of the empire.”

Meekness is a despicable trait when you’ve got a bully fixing to take over the world. But what’s downright inexcusable is holding that bully’s coat and urging him on, as she has done.

Of course, it’s also nothing new; the “freedom-loving democrats” of Europe and North America also cheered and held the bully’s coat when Franco overthrew a democratic government in Spain. And Chavecito was right to peg a certain former Spanish prime minister as a fascist, too–even if it got him a “shut up” from the king of Spain (who was enthroned by said fascists himself, and was therefore understandably touchy about the subject.)

I hope Chavecito never shuts up. People need reminding of certain salient facts from time to time.

PS: How timely. Aporrea just reported that the current Spanish PM, just out of the blue, demanded Chavecito’s respect in the face of arrogant royal disrespect, AGAIN. Anyone else royally charmed by this interesting turn of events?

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