Festive Left Friday Blogging: Do they look threatened to you?

Since there’s been so much to-do this past week with bogus “autonomy” in Bolivia and all, and the elite of the lamestream media are still sounding the death knell for Evo Morales and his government, here, have a look at this:

Evo and his veep aren't worried

Do he and his veep, Alvaro Garcia Linera (at left) look at all worried to you?

Evo sure eats hearty, for an allegedly threatened leader

Hell, I don’t think Evo is even off his feed.

Mmmm, mmm...Evo!

And I don’t blame him. That spread looks finger-lickin’ good.

(Pssst, lamestreamers: When you gonna report on the recall referendum that Evo just willingly signed on for, huh? I bet he’s not losing sleep over that one, either.)

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