Headline Howler: Since when is El Narco a Venezuelan?

Check out this story: “Rival demands Chavez clarify rebel links”.

Then check out the photo they stuck on it:

El Narco, Uribe--a Venezuelan since when?

The story is about pathetic, mush-mouthed Manuel Rosales, the guy who got maybe a third of the vote in the last Venezuelan election despite heavy financial support and cheerleading from Gringolandia. But as you can see, that ain’t him. That’s another US puppet altogether.

Still, it’s not an honest mistake, but a definite Freudian slip. Aporrea reports that Rosales is awfully chummy with El Narco. According to journalist Jose Vicente Rangel, formerly Chavecito’s VP, Rosales recently attended the Festival de Vallenato in the paramilitary-controlled region of Valledupar, Colombia, and was seen leaving with El Narco.

What do you suppose they were up to? Just kinky sex, or something much more nefarious?

BTW, very nice of the AP not to report what’s really going on in the Venezuelan opposition. They are in fact leaderless and very much at sea. They don’t even need Chavecito to make them loco; they just are.

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