Just in time for another holiday…

…the lamestream media dredges up Chavecito’s dreary, teary ex…again.

How convenient: last time she shot off her mouth about him (claiming, dubiously, that he abused and threatened her), they dug her up on Valentine’s Day. Now it’s Mother’s Day, and she’s claiming he threatened to take their daughter away from her.

Talk about a sense of occasion, eh?

You gotta hand it to them: they sure know how to hand it to her. “It” being the script for her pathetic bids for attention, dumbass. Because as everyone in the lamestream media should know but doesn’t, if he were really suing to take her daughter (who is also his) away, there would be an actual report of legal papers filed.

And if he really abused her, wouldn’t she have to prove it in court, too?

And yet, strangely, no papers have been filed. For any of these things. Ever.

Say! You don’t suppose the media is shitting all over him again as part of yet another pre-coup crapaganda campaign, do you?

Nah. Of course we know they would never do that.

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