L’affaire Couillard–c’est le Maxime!

Ah oui, cher(e) ami(e), Tante Bina a trouvé beaucoup d’histoires bien scandaleuses pour toi!

Ahem. En anglais:

Maxime Bernier, our beleaguered and blundering foreign-affairs minister, has finally resigned. The reason? His ex-girlfriend, the erstwhile biker babe Julie Couillard, is in fact something of a security risk–a fact that Bernier and the Harper Tories repeatedly denied. When questioned (very politely) on the matter of her questionable ties by the opposition, the Tories cried salaciousness.

And considering that Bernier left confidential documents at her house, there seems to be some validity to the line of questioning on her potential for security risks. Meanwhile, we find out that somebody bugged her bedsprings.

She also accompanied him to his swearing-in spilling major cleavage. And she’s now spilling her story.

Who’s salacious again?

Now, for a scary thought: I called Bernier on his cowardly putziness regarding torture earlier this year. He’s also well known for his out-of-line remarks on Afghanistan. Now I wonder if he and his ex-GF were actually the official conduit for Afghan heroin–the only cash crop Afghanistan is actually cashing in on–to the Hell’s Angels. You have to admit Julie’s credentials are ideal for the job.

Meanwhile, Maxime is going down in history–like a sack of solid lead bricks.

Quel fromage.

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