Let’s hear the anti-Chavez screamers explain this

From Aporrea, a little tidbit but a revealing one:

Against the editorial lines from Colombia and Venezuela that claim there is a “close” relationship between the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba, and the FARC rebels of Colombia, Cordoba confirmed that neither she, nor the Venezuelan leader had known of the death of the historic leader of the FARC, Manuel Marulanda Velez.

“My attention has often been drawn to how they say here that we (Cordoba and Chavez) are the mouthpieces of the FARC, but neither Chavez nor I knew that Marulanda had died…until the last, he did things his own way, he died a natural death,” the senator said.

Translation mine.

Did you get that? Neither Cordoba nor Chavez knew that Marulanda had died until after the fact. They had to read about it in the morning papers, same as everybody else. Some “close relations”! I would think that if Chavez had known Marulanda wasn’t well, and he really was that close to him, he would have had him flown to Cuba for treatment, no?

This should lay to rest all the media drivel about Chavez financing and arming the FARC, too. Until someone (and not someone pointing to the Magic Laptop, either) can locate the whereabouts of a big chunk of money that disappeared from Venezuela and appeared in Colombia (a large arms cache, ditto), I think it’s safe to say that this latest media campaign against the left, like ol’ “Sure-Shot” Marulanda himself, has begun to push up the proverbial daisies.

May it rest in peace.

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  1. john smartt says:

    good comment on marulanda
    thanks for the information. facts do nothing to disuade contras, but they do help us to confront them.

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