One Colombian who isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid

Aporrea reports:

Opposition senator Gustavo Petro called for an investigation today into the 48,055 archives of FARC “#2” man Raul Reyes, killed on March 1 in a military incursion into an illegal guerrilla encampment in Ecuador.

Petro, a member of the leftist Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA) party, declared that he had proof that the archives alleged to be from Reyes’ computer were “opened, created and modified by the police between March 1 and 3.”

The legislator said that this alteration of computer archives had been established by Interpol.

Translation mine.

It just gets more and more interesting, doesn’t it?

Not surprisingly, Petro is a leading investigator into El Narco’s paramilitary terror ties. Colombia Journal also has an interesting, fairly recent article featuring his perspective on Uribe’s para-politics alongside, of all people, Raul Reyes. If the article is anything to go by, Uribe is NOT vastly popular as is often claimed by the lamestream media up here, and there may well be a big liberal/leftist groundswell going on. And the murder of Reyes takes on a fresh significance–he pointed out that the FARC were not deemed terrorists until after September 11, 2001, when anyone who stood in the way of neoconservatism was suddenly and conveniently rebranded from a communist to a terrorist. As with al-Q, there is always a big to-do about the killing of a “#2 man” in an organization, as though it were a mere matter of decapitation. Meanwhile, the groundswell, which is not terrorism but is treated as if it were, keeps growing, regardless of who at or near the top of an armed movement has been assassinated.

Which means Sen. Petro is by far not the only Colombian refusing to drink the coke-laced Kool-Aid concerning the FARC and their alleged computers. And that makes this a very dangerous time. Colombia has a long, nasty history of being a hard place to be an electoral leftist, and the armed FARC insurgency is a reflection of this, just as surely as are the murders of liberal candidates such as Gaitan, Galan and many others. The Colombian civil war has outlived the Cold War, but it’s far from over.

Let’s hope Uribe and his thugs don’t succeed in their efforts to wipe out the opposition.

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