Rafael Correa’s bombshell

The Ecuadorable One has some interesting revelations he’d like to share with us, and Aporrea is happy to oblige:

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, assured on Saturday that he has information that the computers which Bogota claimed to have recovered from the FARC encampment bombed on March 1, in reality had never been there.

“We don’t care in the least what Interpol says or doesn’t say, or what the Colombian government says or doesn’t,” said Correa in reference to the international police organization’s pronouncement that the FARC computers had not been manipulated.

“We have information that those computers were not in the camp, but had come into the hands of Colombian intelligence much earlier,” said Correa, without giving more details, during his weekly radio program, broadcast this Saturday from Lima.

He added that in the supposed documents that Bogota claimed to have extracted from the FARC computers were various contradictions, such as those related to the dates on which the FARC allegedly financed his own electoral campaign.

The president related that in the supposed documents, there was mention of a Colonel Brito connected to the money received from the FARC.

“Thank God there is no Colonel Brito who was director of the Alianza Pais party, nor is he a member of my government,” Correa said.

Translation mine.

Smart Goodlooking! I knew he wouldn’t fail to make hash of the vomit that’s been floating around the mediasphere about the Three Bomb-proof Laptops from Outer Space, and all the alleged financing that’s alleged to have gone back and forth between the FARC, Ecuador and Venezuela–allegedly.

Now, I’d like to know: when did they get their hands on those putes? Via whom? And who faked the data?

Questions, questions. Who’s got an answer?

PS: Smart Goodlooking also offered to resign if anyone proves he has actual links to the FARC. That’s what I call confidence–and cojones.

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