Santa Cruzin’ for a bruisin’

Tweety tawt he taw a coup d'etat. He did! He DID tee a coup d'etat!

You did, Tweety…you DID tee a coup d’etat!

Roto-Reuters UK and the Washington Whore Post are both cheerleading quite blatantly for Evo’s opponents, undoubtedly to soften up us gullible anglophones for the “inevitable”, undemocratic outcome of a deeply antidemocratic, unilateral (not to mention illegal) “referendum”. Gee, where have we seen this before?

Too bad for this cutesy little media offensive that some of us can read Spanish, and one of us has seen fit to translate…this:

Unofficially, the illegal separatist vote on Sunday in Santa Cruz has registered a 75% abstention rate, according to ANMCLA Bolivia and Mario Silva, host of the Venezuelan TV program La Hojilla, who was in Bolivia as part of a special VTV report on Bolivia.

At the same time, some in Santa Cruz celebrated the supposed victory in the illegal referendum. Exit polls claimed that the Yes option had won with 85% of the votes, but did not report how many voted, nor the percentage of abstentions.

Translation mine.

It’s probably just as well that the Bolivian electoral council won’t be certifying this farce.

Another Aporrea article reports multiple instances of boxes full of pre-marked ballots found in voting centres. And here is one of the pre-marked ballots, in the hands of someone who, judging by the color of his skin, would probably not mark it in favor of an ethnic-cleansing Croat and his slave-plantation buddies:

A pre-marked ballot in the illegal, fraudulent Santa Cruz referendum

It’s not hard to imagine that the result of the “autonomy referendum” of two years ago, in which four states voted in favor of this charade, was also fraudulent, and probably by the same means.

It’s also not hard to imagine how so few denizens of Santa Cruz got such inordinate, unearned, undeserved power. My educated guess is they got a little help from their Uncle Ned in Washington. The fact that the US ambassador to Bolivia spends more time in Santa Cruz hobnobbing with wealthy landowners than in La Paz conferring with the president should tell you something very unflattering about the landowners–and Philip “Balkanizer” Goldberg himself.

Plus, the paltry amount USAID spent on humanitarian aid in the recent floods ($250,000) compared with its bogus “pro-democracy missions” (mucho, mucho millions) tells you where THEIR priorities lie. Of course they love the paid-off local bottom feeders who own the big haciendas and banks. Who do you think is willing to sell off Bolivia nice and cheap to Gringolandia, with no interference from the pesky, taxing federales?

I predict the would-be separatists will come away from this with a black eye once the fake triumphalism dies down. No country other than the US will want to do business with the blatantly racist, dictatorial “Media Luna” vendepatrias. Argentina, Chile and Brazil–Bolivia’s nearest and richest neighbors, all governed by varying shades of progressives–have already made it clear that they will deal with none other than Evo Morales when it comes to oil, gas and other Bolivian export goods. The governors of the Media Luna can rant about “autonomia” all they want; when the rubber hits the road, though, it’s still not their shot to call.

This exercise in demockery was not only a fraud, it was utterly without merit, and the future will prove it null and void.

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